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Deliberately ‘messing up’ a system sounds like madness. But there is sense in that… We’ll discuss why this seeming insanity is valuable, why you should consider it, and how it can be done (safely)….

Lyndsay Prewer and I talk about how Chaos Engineering can help improve an organisation’s resilience. In effect, we’ll talk about why deliberately messing up a system from time to time is a good thing… Even if this does sound counter-intuitive…

We’ll explain that this is because teams will be able to identify issues before they occur, but more importantly, that organisations will be able to develop  skills to handle unexpected production issues – which will invariably occur at some point – in a controlled and mindful manner. Ultimately this allows an organisation to become increasingly resilient and anti-fragile.

We’ll specifically discuss Chaos Days, their benefits and how to run them. We’ll touch on how to manage the obvious associated challenges and risks, and when an organisation is ready for chaos engineering.

Lyndsay draws on experiences of introducing chaos engineering to large and small organisations across private and public sector.

Lyndsay has an excellent video recording of his Chaos Days conference talk and has co-written a freely available Chaos Engineering playbook (PDF).

Lyndsay Prewer is a consultant technical delivery manager working for Equal Experts.

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