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S3E02: China’s Cybersecurity Regime

China’s Cybersecurity Regime is complex and affects any organisation acting in China. We’ll discuss its impact and how to navigate it… 

Over the past decade, China has established complex regulatory frameworks that govern networked value creation and other online activities. These frameworks, sometimes aptly referred to as China’s cybersecurity regime, aim to avoid data misappropriation and ensure smooth IT operations. They support the government in maintaining national sovereignty, military power, inner stability, and economic competitiveness in cyberspace.

Join Dr. Michael D Frick and I to the first episode of our series about China’s Cybersecurity Regime, following the recent publication of Michael’s book “Chinese Industry 4.0 Designing high-tech solutions under the cybersecurity regime of the People’s Republic of China’. In this first episode we’ll touch on what the cybersecurity regime is, what it means for anyone  doing business in or with China, and how to navigate it. We’ll touch on cultural differences, that ‘content management’ can mean ‘censorship’ and what it means to be deemed a ‘network operator’ in light of ‘national security’ and how last year’s DiDi IPO changed the landscape… 

In future episodes we’ll get into some of its components in more detail…

Michael holds a doctorate in Business Economics and a master’s in Modern Sinology. He works as consultant advising businesses on Chinese regulatory aspects.

His book “Chinese Industry 4.0” is available as ebook and in print format at Apple or Amazon.

Michael can be contacted via Linkedin or via email.

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